Robin Thicke says "You Can't Listen to Your Own...

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Robin Thicke says "You Can't Listen to Your Own Music When Having Sex"

Robin Thicke has definitely made his share of what the legendary Al Green calls "baby-making music." But does the R&B singer listen to his own music while, um, making babies with his wife, actress Paula Patton?

"My wife still tries to play my music when we have sex and I always ask her to skip the iPod," he said at the Rolling Stone American Music Awards party on Sunday night. "Skip it! I can’t possibly listen to my music when we make love. It drives me nuts because I keep going, 'The bass is too loud, the guitar is wrong, I should’ve put a solo in that section.' You can’t listen to your own music when having sex."

So what does he listen to, then? "I like to listen to her say, 'Yes, Robin, more, Robin, stronger, Robin,'" he said, laughing. "I like to hear that."